This week's top videos come from Jack White, Van She, Judson, David Lynch and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. We've got everything from swirling skulls, to a man walking around in a banana hammock. What more could you ask for? Some background info? We got that covered too as we tracked down some of the people involved with the videos.


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Top 5 Videos of the Week

Judson - 'Meet Me In The Morning'

"The basic idea for the video was to explore one character's unconscious mind by riding along with her during a dream and getting to see the random images and jumbled scenarios as they play out inside her mind. I like the way that dreams can mash things together so something banal and everyday blends with something outside of your day-to-day existence. How if you were late for a meeting that day, you might be diffusing a bomb on a speeding trolley in your dreams. With "Meet Me in the Morning" I imagined what this character might be experiencing in her actual life (a romantic betrayal, friends being mean, etc) and then mashed it together with a bunch of pop culture randomness. The reference points are most evident (or most blatant) at two points where we used two of my favorite movies as a jumping off point: the firing squad sequence at the beginning of the video is modeled after the final scene in Roberto Rossellini's "Rome, Open City" and a scene toward the end has a passing resemblance to the first official kill in "Friday the 13th." I liked the idea of getting from Rossellini to Jason Voorhees in under five minutes.

"My initial treatment for the video followed a woman who devoted her life to hunting mythical jellyfish that swam through the smog over Los Angeles. It was a pretty straight-forward story and wasn't really a huge departure from my previous videos, so Judson and I worked together to go in a more subjective route and develop a video that every viewer could interpret differently. I really like that different people might come away with completely opposite opinions about what is happening narratively. And it's nice to leave enough ambiguity that the viewer has to work to put the pieces together. It forces you to be a more active viewer when you feel like you're missing something or if questions don't get answered two seconds after they're raised." Christopher j Ewing

Jack White - 'Sixteen Saltines'

Van She - 'Idea of Happiness'

"I became friend with String Emil some months ago. We met at a go-cart race down in south Germany, in Bodensee. He really stood out in the crowd, wearing just a helmet, a thong and a pair of Adidas. That kind of man you instantly feel an urge to get to know. Me and Emil decided that as soon as a perfect track came in we should do a video together, loosely based on a mutual favorite music video of ours. Wham´s 'Last Christmas'. The Van She track came along and they spent a day on Emils website and then came back to us and said they believed there was some strong tobacco here." Andreas Nilsson

David Lynch - 'Crazy Clown Time'

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 'Nerve Damage'

"As longtime friends, collaborating with UMO was a no-brainer. When it came time to shoot a video for the track 'Nerve Damage', UMO bassist Jake Portrait tapped brother Dan Portrait of Kamp Grizzly to direct. Kamp took song-writer/guitarist Ruban Nielson’s backstory for 'Nerve Damage' and added their own trippy psychedelic twist. The video was shot by Greg Schmitt over two nights at Kamp’s North Portland warehouse and NW office. Kamp pal Lorenzo Martinez made his acting debut, while Ehren McGhehey (“Danger Ehren” of Jackass fame) lent his car and driving skills to the shoot. After a week of editing and composting the glowing nerves, electric static monster, eyes, kaleidoscope and other tripped-out elements, we called it a wrap." words from Kevin Hakim