The week started with Will Ferrell lip-syncing to Beyoncé's 'Drunk In Love', and to tell you the truth, it didn't get much better than that. I know that's a pretty sad admission, but it's true. "Cigars on ice, cigars on ice."

5. Marina & the Diamonds - 'I'm A Ruin' (dir. Markus Lundqvist)

The latest installment in Marina & the Diamonds' 'Froot of the Month' series, where she releases one new song every month until FROOT is out in April, is called 'I'm a Ruin' - she debuted it a few short days ago. It now has a new music video directed by Markus Lundqvist, and compared to both the single and FROOT artwork, is pretty dark. Decked out in a gorgeous, flowing black pantsuit with just a hint of red, she dances in a desolate, rocky area against a timelapsed sky.

4. Giorgio Moroder and Kylie Minogue - 'Right Here, Right Now' (dir. Daniel Börjesson)

A couple of weeks ago we heard 'Right Here, Right Now' – the quite amazing partnership between disco legend Giorgio Moroder and pop queen Kylie Minogue. Now the song's got itself a video. It's a quite standard affair that doesn't exactly do anything new, but that at least fits the disco feel of the song with synchronised geometric image repetitions and triangles flying out towards you, and Kylie in the middle of it all, dancing – of all things.

3. Zun Zun Egui - 'African Tree' (dir. )

Kushal Gaya, singer and guitarist for the band, explained the video: "The video was made by a film-maker called Alden Volney who is based in Paris. We really liked his idea for the video, which suggested almost rotoscopic techniques combined with 60's french psychedelic animations which reminded us of 'Fantastic Planet' and stuff like that. We feel those visual aspects work really well with African Tree, we see it as a pretty colourful tune."

2. Inventions - 'Springworlds' (dir. Dan W. Jacobs)

Eluvium's Matthew Cooper and Explosions In The Sky' Mark T. Smith, aka Inventions, have shared the visuals for 'Springworlds' - the first single from their upcoming sophomore album Maze of Woods. "The collaboration began as an exchange of thoughts, feelings and responses to the track," says animator Dan W. Jacobs.

1. Natalie Prass - 'Why Don't You Believe In Me' (dir. Tiona McClodden)

Directed by Tiona McClodden and Erica Prince, here is the video for 'Why Don't You Believe In Me' by Natalie Prass. The track itself is a plaintive piece of soul, founded on a snappy beat and groovesome bass, ornamented with piano twinklings and brass, with Natalie's voice fluttering crystal clear throughout.

Speaking about the video, in which her features are overlaid, muddled and switched around, Natalie explained: "We thought it was appropriate that the video relate to the idea of self examination and layers that both distort and reveal."