"When I walk around, sometimes people recognize me from things they've seen me in, TV or whatever. And they'd say, you know, stuff, and a lot of times, I wouldn't hear what they'd said because I had headphones on. So, I kinda just go, 'Cool, man. Glad you like the show.' And I'd just keep walking. And this one guy said something to me one time, and I went, 'Cool, man. Glad you like the show.' And then right when I walked past him, I realized, 'Oh, man, that guy didn't say anything about the show.' He went, 'Hey, man, your fly's down.' And I went, 'Cool, man. Glad you like the show." - Aziz Ansari.

5. Tinashe - 'Bated Breath' (dir. Stephen Garnett)

Directed by Stephen Garnett, the 8-minute clip took only five hours to shoot and features Tinashe as a pilot stranded in the desert.

4. Only Real - 'Can't Get Happy'

Only Real took some inspiration from J. Dilla for his 'Can't Get Happy' video. It certainly fits well with the track's sunny, surf-rock vibes.

3. Big Sean - 'Blessings' (feat. Kanye West, Drake) (dir. Darren Craig)

Prayer hands #blessed emoji?

2. LA Priest - 'Oino' (dir. Isaac Eastgate)

The clip was shot by Dust's brother Isaac Eastgate and according to the artist was "inspired by a story our granddad told us about a man imprisoned in the desert who escapes by singing to a wizard." Hypnotic and sometimes surreal, the desolate landscape combined with random dreamlike characters seems almost Jodorowsky-esque.

1. Kelela - 'A Message' (dir. Daniel Sannwald)