This week's top videos come from Kanye West, Aesop Rock, Little Boots, POP ETC and Here We Go Magic. We're presented with high budget mayhem, as well as low budget brilliance. We also spoke to director Isaac Ravishankara about his video for Aesop Rock, and Zaiba Jabbar about his Little Boots video.

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Top 5 Videos of the Week

Aesop Rock - 'Zero Dark Thirty'

The video came about super organically. I have been a huge fan of Aesop Rock since the beginning, more than 12 years ago! And I had done some work with Rhymesayers, the label that is putting out Skelethon. When I read that he had a new album coming out (his first in 5 years!), we immediately reached out about possibly collaborating on a video. 2 days later, he and I were on the phone, brainstorming, 4 days later I was heading up to San Francisco. And 9 days later the video was done. The painter in the video is an amazing San Francisco based artist named Coro, who is a friend of Aesop's - and from the get go, we knew he was going to be onboard. After that first conversation - the key was just figuring out a way to incorporate performance footage and the timelapse. In the end, we ended up shooting the video in a galley in Oakland, CA called Sticks + Stones.

There were 6 Canon DSLR cameras, each one locked-off, unmoving. All of the lighting was done with a dimming system, live, throughout the song. The first day was just setup and recording Aesop's performance. Then, the second day, without moving any of the cameras, we shot about 10 hours of timelapsed footage of Coro creating the various layers of the mural from nothing. It's just him, one artist, painting the whole thing. We were all in gas-masks all day. And in the end, when we wrapped, the gallery had been reduced to walls of black. [Isaac Ravishankara]

Xiu Xiu - 'Honeysuckle'

POP ETC - 'Live It Up'

Little Boots - 'Every Night I Say A Prayer'

[Vic from] Little Boots had been in contact and wanted me to pitch on the Every Night I Sayer A Prayer video. I loved the track and it was exciting that we were creating something very different to the videos she has had before.

Initially inspired by Paris is Burning, we wanted to draw on the performance element and make a more London, abstract version. In this realm we wanted to create a more conceptual take on a music video. Moving into more of a dance-performance video. The theatre-esque vignette's for our sets were based on different stages during a play/performance. For example -the curtains, the green room/waiting room , the actual performance and the after-party... These tableaus (living pictures) relied on movement happening within the frame. dancing was key and we had such amazing cast! [Zaiba Jabbar]

Kanye West - 'Lost In The World'