So let's get into it: we've got nudity, tribes, dancing, alter-egos, and some private parts that you won't be able to get for free. Not a bad way to spend 20ish minutes.

5. Petite Noir - 'Best' (dir. Travys Owen)

"We wanted to make 4 distinct 'tribes' of people," explains director Travys Owen. "This allowed us to create a visual journey that Yannick is on, running through all of these different landscapes and allowed us to create these rich scenes which were very different from each other. The four main elements in the video are Fire, Malachite (earth/rock), Water & Gold. The video is about Yannick's journey through all of these landscapes meeting all of these different tribes."

4. Shvona Lavette - 'Danger' (dir. Colin Pierce)

The monochromatic video breathes and ebbs through the soft R&B tilt of the track, which is featured on Lavette's recently released album New Moon. Speaking with The FADER, Lavette says, "I wrote 'Danger' because we can all relate to the vicious circle of arduous love. I wanted to be honest and transparent about a topic all too familiar."

3. Sui Zhen - 'Take It All Back'

'Take It All Back' features Becky Sui Zhen inhabiting the alter-ego that is the eponymous Susan; in contrast to the sheltered pastel roomscapes of the video for 'Infinity Street', plus the implied fantasy life in the name of the song itself, this one, though still pastel-hued, shows us more slices of the real world. It's quite ironic that the video that seems more rooted in reality is actually the video that introduces us to a fantasy alter-ego, and the video that is a nowhere of minimalist fantasies features the "real" Becky.

2. Kendrick Lamar - 'For Free? (Interlude)' (dir. Joe Weil and the Little Homies)

Kendrick Lamar has a sense of humour.

1. Autre Ne Veut - 'World War Pt. 2'

So. Damn. Weird.