Look, we all know that Solange was the real winner here, but what about Grimes and her epic collection of music videos? Or ILLIAL's oddly satisfying vision? Or that time Weyes Blood drank Gatorade on a beach? Or how DJ Khaled is a thing that we all put up with because there's no point being a debbie downer about it, he's just having fun.

5. ILLIAL - 'Quiet' (dir. James Agazzi Brooks)

4. Weyes Blood - 'Generation Why' (dir. Natalie Mering)

3. DJ Khaled - 'Do You Mind'

2. Grimes - 'Belly of the Beat'

1. Solange - 'Don't Touch My Hair' and 'Cranes In The Sky' (dir. Solange and Alan Ferguson)