We were really hoping to put a teary-eyed video of David Cameron in this week's roundup - ya know, all defeated and looking like a ghost - but no, you ruined it for us.

5. Stealing Sheep - 'Deadlock' (dir. Ewan Jones Morris)

Directed Ewan Jones Morris, here is the video for Stealing Sheep track 'Deadlock'. Lines in the track like, "Let go of any old feeling" and the repeated mantra "look within…" – harmonised in the fluttering colourful wonkiness of the track – suit the abstract video very much; plenty of shapes and pastel colours, like a geometrical half-nightmare.

4. Shamir - 'Darker' (dir. Anthony Sylvester)

The video, directed by Anthony Sylvester, sees Shamir on top of a hill in the Joshua Tree desert, as the sun comes up for the chorus and disappears for the verses. Did a helicopter shoot these swooping scenes? No, it was apparently (says the press release) the work of camera drones.

3. Jenny Hval - 'That Battle Is Over' (dir. Zia Anger)

Zia Anger directs the video in which various women begin to fall apart in their respective domestic settings. Anger provides her thinking behind the clip:

"I guess it goes back to '96 for me, and the 'girl power' mantra I've been repeating since I learned it from the Spice Girls. The female experience is far from singular (and even further from this white, suburban, American-retro dream), yet around every corner there is a common pain, a wisdom of ecstasy, and an obsession with the uncanny that we all share. Collaborating with an entirely female creative team (with the support of a few great gentlemen) gave birth to an exploration of Jenny's song and an inquiry into the sarcasm that pulses through it."

2. Giorgio Moroder - 'Déjà Vu' [feat. Sia]

The clip finds Moroder incarnating both the chauffeur and the wedding DJ, while a series of Sia look-a-likes seem to (happily) confuse the groom.

1. The Chemical Brothers - 'Go' [feat. Q-Tip] (dir. Michel Gondry)

The Chemical Brothers have unveiled a video for 'Go' (feat. Q-Tip), and guess what? It was directed by Michel Gondry. Given his track record of awesomeness, we really shouldn't need to sell this to you, so we won't.