London-based artist Krista Papista is never afraid to show her position as a feminist and this new video for 'Modern Girlhood' – with lyrics included, and which juxtaposes a lot of toplessness (put on an almost literal pedastal as topless women sit and stand on a rotating mirror) with a model of the human body, showing that we're all the same underneath all the nakedness – is no different. Watch below and enjoy the crunchy, flashing electro-pop of this colourful, thoughtful musicmaker.

I'd say it's NSFW but what's really not safe for work is stuff like watching porn and harassing your colleagues. This is a music video. If someone asks you, tell them as much.

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  • Video credits:
  • Directed by Krista Papista and Claudia Mallart
  • Produced by Claudia Mallart
  • DOP: Ignasi Casas
  • Steadi Cam: Marco Alonso
  • Camera Assitant: Lorena Pagès
  • Grip: Fric Lopez
  • Set designer: Marta Bazaco

  • Make Up: Paula Valencia

  • Edited by
  • Eleonora Ceccini
  • Jana Otte
  • Color Grader:
  • Micheal Gibson

  • Garmets by Ana Corina Del Pinal Saenz