David Carriere of Montreal's TOPS has reissued his solo album as a vinyl pressing.

Carriere originally released Relaxed Fit under the moniker of Paula back in 2011, before TOPS released their debut Tender Opposites last year.

Relaxed Fit will be released on 16th July through Drag City imprint Ethereal Sequence. It’'l have an extra two tracks on it,'‘Black Acura' and 'Totally Nice', which are placed within the tracklisting.

To pre-order the vinyl head here.


  • 1. Waverly
  • 2. Lover Boy
  • 3. Even If It's True
  • 4. Change the Subject (ft. Cadence Weapon)
  • 5. Black Acura
  • 6. Susan & Linda
  • 7. Step to the Friend
  • 8. Totally Nice
  • 9. Touching Closer than Touching
  • 10. Blonde

[via Exclaim]