There are serious explorations of bullying in media, but the most aptly dystopic snapshot of the teenage experience comes in the Netflix true crime parody series, American Vandal. The “filmmakers” on that program are high schoolers, which allows it to navigate the narrow and tumultuous alleys of youth culture, and what they uncover reverberates in real life. Without spoiling either season, I’ll just say that everyone has reason for resentment in their angsty lives, something Magic Bronson draws on in their new single.

Magic Bronson tells the story of a troubled teen in 'Evil Plans'. Its verses provide exposition for bitter emotions and a hollering chorus details the protagonist’s breaking point. Bad habits plague his psyche, including alcohol and nicotine abuse. The tone is done in the band’s signature stoner style, with some brass additions to add splashes of color to the journey. While reactions to bullying can be destructive, the band comments on their song’s internal struggle, saying: "The song follows a high school student lashing out in his own mind with thoughts of revenge and bitterness. We wanted to touch on how being bullied and not feeling like you're cool enough can cause real hurt and for a teenager that can lead to impulsive thoughts and acts that can alter the course of your life and others forever."

Comprised of Matt Lieberman and Michael Nicastro, Magic Bronson is a relative veteran of the LA indie scene; they’ve lived there their whole lives and have more than a couple extended releases under their belts. The duo have been amid a flurry of action lately, this single coming on the heels of the release of 'Night Owl', and a few recent LA shows. New material is exciting and promises more announcements soon.

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