Toro Y Moi is back.

Ok, so he ('he' being Chaz Bundick) never really left - last year's Michael as Les Sins was particuarly enjoyable - but it's his first release under his Toro Y Moi moniker since 2013's Anything in Return.

But what is it called? Well, What For? Yes, it would be easy to turn this into an Airplane skit, but we wont. It's called What For?, and it's out on April 7th via Carpark Records. The album's first track, 'Empty Nesters', premiered last night via everyone's favourite New Zealand rapper, Zane Lowe.

We're only a few weeks into the year, but it already seems like 2015 could match 2013 in the constant cycle of 'oh my god, look who just announced an album' stakes.

  • 01. What You Want
  • 02. Buffalo
  • 03. The Flight
  • 04. Empty Nesters
  • 05. Ratcliff
  • 06. Lilly
  • 07. Spell It Out
  • 08. Half Dome
  • 09. Run Baby Run
  • 10. Yeah Right