Don't judge Devontée by his affiliations. Sure the 22-year-old Toronto rapper and producer retains a dense rolodex of artists and athletes he runs in similar circles with thanks to a charismatic disposition and accessible grind. He calls the Steph Curry household family, once recorded a track alongside Kevin Durant, and most notably this year garnered global interest and partial recognition for originating the term "WOE" that became a viral expression thanks to Drake's IYRTITL anthem 'Know Yourself.'

Working on Excellence however, isn't just the term for Devontée's long-time team and fervent movement, but also stands as a title for the distinct value he places on work ethic to develop his craft and deliver the kind of project like District Vibe, his Toronto-flavoured sophomore release and follow-up to his debut self-titled project from April of 2014. From the district to the world, that grind is an unrelenting propeller and dependent on no other name than Devontée.

How has this year been creatively for you?

I've had a great year. I've just been working really hard on this project for the last year. I've been finding my talent in producing and rapping and becoming more confident in my skill and really honing it in order to know I'm becoming the best I can be.

District Vibe. Tell me about what we're getting from you on this?

Some futuristic shit. Lightyears ahead of you ni**as, you heard. Joey Bada$$ says some crazy shit at the end of it like, this is some 20/20 shit. So let's just say it's some 20/20 shit, quoting him. They can expect a whole lot of unexpected stuff. I have a little bit of everything from some hard shit - I know people like the 'Bare Tings' record, so I have a couple records along that vibe. But it's just really getting to know me. You can have those hard ass songs and some real personal songs about my life and songs about love, R&B songs, some singing, if you want to call it that.

How did you push yourself and your musical palette to blend so diversely?

I've just never been scared of doing what I love to do and trying things. I'm not scared of failing. I think the best way to learn is, you've got to fall. If you learn how to fall, it won't be hard to get up after. Everyone's always worried. But it's just me, I guess. But my life is no different than anyone else. There's times when you're in love, you enter real shit or struggle and I feel like everyone can relate to that. I feel like I'm just a normal 22-year-old from Toronto and it's such a diverse city. It's a melting-pot culturally. It allows me to relate to the world, because all my friends are very diverse. I feel like I can handle myself anywhere in the world, with any class or type of people. That's what my music reflects.

The title, District Vibe. Tell me about what that represents and what that vibe feels like.

The district is my ends in my city. Wherever I am. Me and my friends, we have a very synchronized energy with us. We're all the same people when it all boils down. We have a distinct vibe. I think it's based off of where we were raised and our surroundings. I just really wanted to capture that and let people enter that and get to know who I am.

But you've also been on the road traveling throughout the year.

Yeah, it's all been music related. I was in LA twice for a month each, I was in New York, San Francisco, Texas and Atlanta. And it's awesome going away to experience new things and discovering new things and being on a journey. But it also shows you just how much you miss home.

So you've been working on the project this entire year. Tell me what went down in the studio.

I linked up with YGQ, who is my engineer and we started making gold. We went to school together and he started working with me after I put out the song called 'Bare Tings.' We just built a rapport. I used to engineer all my own music, but now I don't have to engineer. I'm thankful. I'm focused on producing and rapping more. I could focus on the art itself. It gave me time to be creative. I was just really trying new things and focusing on what's next. At the end of the day, I want to be the best artist I can be. All of the tracks are produced by me except for one. I had help from Boi1da on one of the songs, 'Juice.' I went over to his house and I had a song that was pretty much done and I wanted to see if he could add any few touches so he added some to it for me. Just watching him produce was pretty cool. It's amazing. He's one of the world's biggest and best producers. It's cool to learn. What I took from him is simplicity. Just learning is great and I feel like you can never know too much. I always like to learn and to have the opportunity to learn from someone like him, it's an amazing experience. And I'm lucky to have a videographer, Ram Accoumeh who does my videos. He just knows how to really bring my ideas to light. I have an idea of what I want to do and what I want to create and I've found the people to make these things happen and make them next level.

I liked the 'Bare Tings' visuals. You showed off your Toronto but in such a non-cliché way. Was that the vision behind that perspective?

I just showed where I would hang out and how I view the city and what I think is authentic 'me.' We would just shoot wherever we were that day. Those were real life shots, that's why it kind of has a documentary feel towards it.

And you had your WOEs in the mix. Is it odd now knowing that Woes has become a household word?

It's cool. It's cool that people know Working On Excellence. That's the coolest part. I feel like it's a good quote and if they're working on excellence, then all the better. That's what's cool to see.

So, you mentioned that you had worked with Joey Bada$$ on the project. How did that collaboration come to be?

I'm really close with the Pro Era guys. They showed me love in Texas during SXSW and when we were at their house during the festival, we were just chilling listening to our beats and rapping. Then we just built a good bond and we've been communicating ever since. So I sent Joey Bada$$ this song and I felt like he would be able to take it to the next level and get the point across to make it the best. He came through for me and he held me down so I'm excited about that. He has a crazy verse. For someone like that, he's a young legend. He actually raps his ass off.

Do you have any expectations for District Vibe?

I'm just excited to see what people gravitate towards and see how far I can take it and how far it can reach. It's so cool to see people in other places in the world be affected by music that I made in my room. I'm just excited to see how it affects the people. No expectations. I have 100% faith. I understand that everything is God's speed. It's never about what you want. It's always about what you need. Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need. Once I understood that, you can really manifest anything you put your mind to. I was a lot more confident in myself.

Devontée's District Vibe is out now.