College can be termed as one of the best times in life. Ask anyone who graduated, and they will tell you all about the fun times they had while in college. Reminiscing about all they did and learned; partying the night before an exam, skipping college to go chill with friends, doing nothing at all but watching movies and talking about which song is the best ever. Those are only some of the ‘wild’ things you will hear from people who got their education at a college. But, life is not the same for everybody. Not everyone gets the same deal; most of all, students who have come to another country pursuing higher studies. Working a job to pay for their expenses as basic as daily food intake, with nobody to call their own in a foreign land; life can get pretty hectic for someone who is in another country for studies. A study recently revealed that they are more prone to depression for the feeling of isolation they get and the continuous pressure they have to handle.

If you have ever gone to another country for studies, you would very well relate to what I am writing. Much like that, you understand how tough it was managing studies along with work. Still, people find all sorts of ways to have fun. If you find your current predicament being somewhat similar to this, here are a few ways for you to escape it:

Studies- There will come a time when you find yourself overburdened with assignments and covering up your class lessons. An international student must be good at one thing to survive and that is time management per se. You have to give a proper amount of time to your studies and along with your work. Not only that, you need to give some time to yourself as well. If you do not learn to relax, you will find it tougher than how it is. It is always tough when the course is new and different from the ones taught back in your homeland. Let’s say you need marketing assignment help at one point of time, all you need to do is ask around your class or go straight to your professor. You can even ask the brilliant students of your class, “do my paper for me and I will pay you.”They usually are really helpful when it comes to helping out foreign students, Last case scenario, you can search for a cheap assignment writing service to offload some of the work. This will give you at least some peace of mind and help you take part in some recreational activities and relax.

Weekends- Students feel entitled to have fun on these days but that is not usually so. Why? It is because they usually have tests, assignments, or a presentation due on the first day of the week. If they commit to it, they will obviously get lesser time for themselves. For a foreign student, it is even harder for they have way more responsibilities on their shoulders. It is true what international students always say about them becoming more independent than ever for the experience they get in another country. In addition to that, someone who works and studies every weekday would feel exhausted by the end of it. It makes sense that they would want to rest and take care of their health. An outing once a week is necessary to help maintain your balance; you can search if there are musical events and concerts in your town that weekend. If that isn’t so, you could search for food or film festivals. If you cannot take the whole day, give a few hours to such recreational activities and you will feel much better. After all, you deserve it as much as anyone else.

Money- Which student doesn’t have money problems? Anyone studying and working would know how tight budgets can get by the end of each month. It isn’t an easy task keeping your cash flow in order when your expenditures are burning a hole in your pocket. You would find students constantly looking for opportunities to earn some extra cash. They will gladly walk your dogs or stand in a queue for you if that gets them some decent money. All thanks to the technology, there are many methods available now that will allow you to earn quick money online. If you are good at a subject, you can always use that skill to earn some money helping students around the world. For example, if you are good at finance; then you can very well start providing finance assignment help to students. If you are good at English, you would find a lot of your classmates asking “write my essay for me”. You can ask for money in such cases and earn a decent sum helping them out. You can even use the term papers you submitted as a way to earn money. All you need to do is type; ‘term papers for sale’ on your social media feeds and sell them to someone in need for an amount you like. If you look at it, there are many resources at hand; you need to use these resources to earn some extra cash wherever possible.

Being Smart- This can’t be overemphasized. Being smart will get you far in a foreign land and that includes not only being smart with your expenditures but with your lifestyle as well. Major companies dish out discounts for students who can make good use of them to buy something. For example, Apple and Spotify serve student subscriptions as well. Student subscriptions are a big thing, so you need to make sure if you can get discounts or coupon codes wherever possible. There are famous websites which provide such coupons like Groupon, Digitools Coupons, and ShoptAtHome. Also, you need to haggle over prices wherever possible. That is needed if you wish to keep control of your expenditures. Then comes around the topic of saving time and efforts wherever possible; it is sometimes better to own a bike rather than taking public commute. You might be saving on expenses and travel faster if the places you have to travel are nearby. Think smart and you will ease the burdens on yourself.