Eliza Shaddad here. March 18th 2016 saw the release of the new EP - Run, and in support of its release we've been on our biggest tour yet - 22 dates across the UK and Europe. We were lucky enough to take the absolutely incredible photographer Flore Diamant on tour to Europe with us, and here are a few of my favourite moments that she captured on the continent.

First stop - BERLIN: I left mine at 6AM, we got to Berlin at 11:30PM. Never been here before - SUPER excited, but also totally spaced out.

 photo es1_zpsidcjegkl.jpg

First soundcheck - Privatclub Berlin. Psyched to be touring with these two: excellent humans and musicians Nathan Feddo on bass and Glyn Daniels on drums.

 photo es2_zpsffh1q4dj.jpg

Without fail I manage to lose the set list every night so have developed a little ritual of writing it out again each day after soundcheck and mentally running through the show ahead.

 photo es3_zpso5uv2sya.jpg

Every night a new hotel.

 photo es4_zpsvch4yiim.jpg

COLOGNE: Checked out the world's 3rd tallest cathedral. Mega. Pictured: manager and all-round Don Ali Raymond of Beatnik Creative.

 photo es5_zpsbrxthed8.jpg

Ate bratwurst!

 photo es6_zpsek9hskrj.jpg

Played another very fun show.

 photo es7_zpslpmxvsie.jpg

Day 4 - LUXEMBOURG: By now we're all definitely feeling the miles. There's moments of calm and quiet in the van.

 photo es8_zpsxcee8hzv.jpg

Followed by crazy games I haven't played in about 20 years… some of us are having trouble remembering the alphabet.

 photo es9_zpsm3co6r3p.jpg

We mainly frequent dark basements so feels well nice setting up in the sunshine at Schräinerei.

 photo es10_zpscnrxgoln.jpg

DAY 5 - AMSTERDAM: Backstage mooching. Continually delighted by each new venue and the lovely people working there, being looked after very well.

 photo es11_zpsvtbzui8h.jpg

Have a hysterical evening wandering the streets of Amsterdam exploring. Pictured here and also along for this ride is the awesome Jodie Canwell, who's been catching us on video onstage and off.

 photo es12_zpsmgpn8bse.jpg

DAY 6 - PARIS: Another long day of driving, we've been so incredibly lucky with the weather though - I'm used to touring in bitter bitter cold and this has basically been sunshine all the way.

 photo es13_zps5dywjsu1.jpg

Finally make it to Paris, spend hours enchanted and meandering around as it gets dark.

 photo es14_zpstabmoqbs.jpg

Play our last European date on a Saturday night at Le Pop-Up Du Label, on Record Store Day #16 - it is viiiibes. Followed up by an amazing DJ and then a crazy house party overlooking the Seine till the wee hours. Couldn't have asked for a better ending.

 photo es15_zpspmd5uhmp.jpg

Cheers to everyone who came out to watch us and looked after us! We've got a couple of dates of the Run Tour left - 28th May at Esquires Bedford and 2nd June at Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds.

Above all cheers to the utterly wonderful Flore Diamant.

 photo es16_zpslu8gqmlb.jpg