The day before day 1 of the Amusement Parks on Fire/Misty Coast UK tour: London

1 We don’t really look excited, but we truly are. Just arrived at Heathrow after two hours of sleep, and are so ready for a day off in London before kicking off the tour with Amusement Parks on Fire in Leeds tomorrow. We ended up sleeping the day away in a rotten cellar room in a shitty hostel at Kings Cross. Luckily Robin and Duncan from our record label Club AC30 woke us up around 5PM, and took us out for a delicious Indian meal.

Day 1: Leeds - Meeting the Nottinghamians

2 Amusement Parks on Fire killing it at the Lending Room in Leeds. They are such a great live band - and they also happen to be the nicest people.

The airline lost our drummer Jards gear, so we spent most of day one searching for equipment to replace it. He’s got this drum pad that needs a certain rack to hold it up. We couldn’t find that particular part, so ended up buying lots of duct tape instead. There isn’t anything duct tape can’t fix!

3This is Gavin. He is the bass player in Amusement Parks on Fire, and he is also our sound engineer and life long friend.

Day 2: Glasgow - Game’s on!

4 Outside The Hug and Pint in Glasgow. Loading the van is kind of like playing Tetris. Getting good at it! These days we spend most of out time with this van: we are either in it, or we are loading gear in or out of it.

Day 3: Newcastle - The Norwegian drama queen

5Captured Jard and Richards dark Norwegian heritage in this photo.

Linn almost died today. She choked on a very large British pill she tried to swallow for her bad cough. (Yeah, we’ve googled it, and it is possible to choke on a pill!) She totally freaked out and ran out in panic during Amusement Parks’ soundcheck, waving her arms for help and attention. The soundcheck was aborted, and the venue was about to call an ambulance. Richard hit her really hard in the back, and luckily it all ended well.

Day 4: Manchester - “Balls!”

6This is Pete, the drummer in Amusement Parks on Fire. The only thing he brought to this tour was his e cigarette and a charger for it. With only one t-shirt, which on day 4 smelled like a dead dog, he ended up wearing their band shirts the rest of the tour (most of the time with the inside out).

7After the gig in Manchester, we met the guys from the American band Broncho, who were on tour supporting Queens of the Stone Age. We had some beers in a rather dodgy bar in a dark and narrow alley of Manchester.

Day 5 - Bristol: What?

8We were all really tired today. Manchester was a heavy one… Sorry, Bristol, we don’t remember much about this day. But as you might know, the days on tour tend to be very similar: You wake up somewhere. You go to pick up the van. You get in the van. Then you stop at the first Marks & Spencer and buy something that makes you feel good, cause you believe that you didn’t pick the most unhealthy food you could have. You look at somebody feeling worse than you, and you feel even better because they are eating this really crappy, fat piece of food. You drive to the next city. Somebody in the van will always open a bottle of beer or cider as soon as the clock passes midday. Some of us sleep all the way, every day. Then you arrive at the venue, you load out the gear, and you set up the stage. You do the soundcheck, and then you eat dinner. After dinner, you might grab a beer, and then suddenly it’s show time. After the show, you pack down all the gear, load the van, and perhaps go out for some beers. You fall asleep somewhere new, and then you wake up regretting that you didn’t go to bed earlier. The next 24 hours are almost exactly the same.

Day 6 - Oxford: Yeah!

9During the last couple of nights we’ve gotten an extra band member! The awesome Michael from Amusement Parks on Fire have been rocking out on a couple of our songs.

Day 7 - Nottingham: Just like home!

10We knew that Nottingham would be one of the highlights of this tour. Not only has this city given us Robin Hood, the first video cassette recorder, Ibuprofen and HP Sauce - it is also where Amusement Parks on Fire was formed in 2004.

Before the soundcheck we went to check out the awesome Christmas market. Jard got to try the longest slide we’ve ever seen, and we all bought some really nice local hot sauce to bring to Norway.

After the gig we met a Norwegian medical student, who told us that he was gonna dissect a body the following day. He said something that we’ve been thinking a lot about after. It is apparently very normal to feel hungry whilst cutting open a dead body - so all the students run to McDonald's after these sessions. Creepy…

Day 8 - Birmingham

11We had some nice Korean ramen in the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham. Our first impression of Birmingham is that it is a very cold and impersonal city. Despite it being the second biggest city in England, everybody says that it is very hard to put up gigs here. It is kind of like the Stavanger of the UK.


Day 9: London - The finale.

13Don’t even remember what we were searching for in the streets of London, but suddenly we ended up in the middle of the busiest shopping areas of the whole city. And then we remembered why we don’t ever go on shopping trips to London.

Richards brother and his wife, who lives in Italy, flew into London to surprise him at our last gig! That was the best thing that could have happened this evening.

14After this photo, the whole gang went to this weird but cute tranny bar. They wouldn’t serve Rafe, cause he looked too straight. The end of the night and the end of the tour can be summarized as follows: lots of love and hugs and goodbyes, some of us dancing Macarena, one of us dancing shirtless on the bar top and one of us not remembering dancing shirtless on the bar top.

Day 10: Heathrow - Flesland, Bergen: We survived.

15We slept for 2 hours. Then spent 2 hours at Heathrow trying to get Jards gear that finally had arrived London (turns out it was stuck in Oslo all the time, but they could off course not send it back to Bergen). We might still be drunk in this photo.

Thank you for an awesome tour Amusement Parks on Fire!


Misty Coast's self-titled debut album was released back in September via ClubAC30.