A few years ago I was introudced to a band by the name of Operahouse who created catchy indie music with integrity. A couple of years down the line the band have gone on to create a more mature sound which is at times very reminiscent of the great Radiohead. Although we couldn't make it out to SXSW this year, Operhaouse were kind enough to take us with them via this photo tour diary! Make sure you come back tomorrow for part two! Hi we are in Texas. We got here on tuesday. it was a lot hotter than we anticipated. I think the only pairs of bottom half attire anyone in the band have are full length and black and not baggy. It's too hot, in the best possible way. There is a place that is not part of the festival called the Levi/Fader Fort, they have free beer. It's literally so dangerous. We discovered it on our first afternoon, watched some really good bands and drank free beer. We have been back there every day since. Johnny got sunburned on one side of his face and body from sitting still for too long. He looks classic. The rest of the festival is on 6th avenue, Austin, Texas, USA. We all had a chat yesterday and decided that it was the best festival any of us had ever been to, except Dan, who says the Secret Garden Party is better. We all think he's making it up and if he did even go, he was probably the only person there, so it can't have been that great. He's not that exciting. Al and myself went to a shop yesterday that is dedicated to the production and retail of hot sauces. They had one that was worth $100 a bottle, and all you needed to blow your balls off was a drop the size of a full stop (or period, as they say here) and it did. It was disgusting. there was another one called mega-sore-ass. enough said. We played our first show yesterday afternoon, it was really cool. It was our first show outside, and with BBQ included it was ape-shit. I sweated quite a lot. Johnny said that he turned around half way though 'Overkill' and thought I looked like I might die. In actual fact I was literally having a whale. Afterwards we went to see Late Of The Pier. They were really damn good. Then to Wendy Burger, which was crap (square burgers are not natural enough for me). Cows are round and flat. I'm in Alex's room. we all have extreme hangovers, and I just heard that Johnny and Dan got back to the hotel in the back of a pick-up truck, which is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. Alex and me got back in a cab with an english man at 4am, and he was insistent that you could get magic.fm in Texas and that we need to 'ballad our lives up'. Johnny just called called us on the internal hotel phone to inform us that he has changed his name to monsieur Berwick. my new name is James Michael. i'm not dicking around with Jim any more. I guess you just can't fight that feeling any more. Check Operahouse out at www.myspace.com/operahousehq Come back tommorow for part two!