Yesterday we presented you with part one of the Operahouse SXSW '09 diary, which saw the band get up to all sorts of capers. The second part sees the band change eat crap food, see Cursive, see childhood favourite Gomez, annoy Graham Coxon, fall in love with Laura Marling and get called limeys. >I have changed my name again. it's Lt. Bear-Trap. Johnny is still Monsieur Berwick. No one is really sure what he means. Johnny got a monster tattoo yesterday. it's a space-scape. It kind of looks like a child has got his crayon box out and gone to town, but we're being reassured that once it scabs over and heals it will look great. Dan got one too. It's not as elaborate, but equally as great. It's our day off today. We have big plans to eat shit food and watch bands and get involved in life in general. First port of call is the Village Voice and Houston Press day party. We saw a band called Cursive who Impressed us greatly. They were kind of really tech and melodic, and in places quite heavy. it was great! (I could nearly be a music journalist I'm so good at writing about bands). Gomez played next and they were a massive let down. I watched them with Dan, and as quite big childhood admirers we felt a bit robbed and only made it through 3 songs or so. We met some people later who said they didn't play any of the classics. That night we drank a lot, made Graham Coxon a drawing which subsequently forced the reaction that broke Alex's heart: 'just stop hassling me and fuck off'. Just before the show Alex did however state: 'Let me show you how I can make one member of Blur hate me forever'. Classic. We went to watch Laura Marling in a Church that night. it was literally incredible. She has a phenomenal voice, and the church setting was spot on for such a performance. By this point I was completely spazzed and went to pay our hotel hot tub and swimming pool, in my pants. which amused most of the staff, but they said it was fine, so. Our Showcase show was the next day, so we spent most of the day in our hotel recovering, and made a quick visit to the thrift store over the freeway. It was about the entire size of Camden market under one roof, but it actually contained things worth buying, not goth shit and snow boots. So to gig time. I had a really sore throat, mainly due to the dry air out there (and horrendous drinking and shouting - mainly 'G-FORCE' and 'BELIEVE' and 'WHERE'S THE CAR?' in a new zealand accent). Our gig was awesome. There were vibes flying everywhere. We were humbled by the group of people who came to see us, as you might know that we are from London and don't know any one from Austin. so that was it, performances over. We went to meet our new friends, Post War Years. They drew all over our arms in pens, and so (after a few beerski's) decided it was tattoo o'clock. I have had Fire & Wind tattooed on my right arm. Dan got another one on his free arm. We then went to the Hilton to see if we could meet some celeb's. we met Laura Marling, told her how great we thought she was the other night, and continued on to a party for rickshaw drivers. We weren't that welcome but we made the most of it. Everyone started macing each other, so we left. they called us Limey's. Tossers. Check Operahouse out at