Day 1: 12th February - YK Bar, Cardiff “What no drum kit” Abergavenny-based Saturday’s Kids have just finished their UK tour with Evariste Galois. From Cardiff to Leeds & some highs and lows, these guys made the most of their time on the road. Here's their account of what happened. I was pretty apprehensive about this show. Not only was it the first date of the tour and the release show for the split with Evariste Galois, but also it was the first show I had ever put on myself. My paranoia convinced me that only 3 solemn souls would turn up. Things did not begin well on arrival. Greenburg (the drummer) and I had to scamper away immediately to get a drum kit, on such short notice all we could get was the most battered and beaten kit the world had ever seen. We had booked Yaje and Oui Messy to play along with our touring buddies Evariste Galois. This was the first time I had seen Oui Messy, but their poppy post-punk melodies and hooks were impressive, plus the Devo-esque vocals on certain songs definitely hit a few check boxes in my mind. Evariste Galois got people moving with their fun style of indie-punk songs. By now a decent crowd had formed so my paranoia had been subdued, we took to the inch high stage. We opened with a barrage of noise then into 'Grey On White'. I had felt it had gone well by the fact we were all dripping in sweat by the end. This will be the last night I will spend in my own bed now until the end. Day 2: 13th February - The Junction, Bristol 'What, no drummer?' Today was the first show outside South Wales, we were officially on tour now. This was marred though for our drummer, Greenburg, who is also the guitarist and singer for Evariste Galois, received a text from the E.G drummer saying he had not booked time off work so he would not be able to play any of the shows. It was a tense car ride. E.G were not playing Bristol so this gave Greenburg a day to figure out what the hell he was going to do. The bill was incredibly mixed which made for an interesting show. The first band were and indie two piece. Then we were on, and, because the show was a free one, there was a mixture of people there to watch bands and people getting drunk. We turned up extra loud so everyone would have to listen. Ono Palindromes also played. I really enjoyed these guys, a sonic youth style of indie-punk. The song 'This is D.I.Y' has some of the most explicit lyrics ever written by man, it’s truly brilliant. Tonight we were staying with Oli Saunders who was also putting on the show in Bath on the 17th. I had a bed to sleep on so I was chuffed. Day 3: 14th February - The Fighting Cocks, Kingston 'Go pick up Annoying Kid' We all managed to sleep till 11 today and were woken by the welcoming smell of cooked food from downstairs. Greenburg had now decided that Owen (Annoying Kid), the bassist, would play drums and they would perform as a 2 piece. I was given the job of finding the train station and picking him up. We set off for Kingston at about 1 so we could have time to experience Kingston in its full glory - also so we could relax a bit before playing. The Fighting Cocks was separated into two parts, a venue and a pub. The jukebox in the pub was screaming out Motley Crue hair-metal all afternoon. Steve, the promoter, turned up at about 6, and he brought with him lots of food for us to enjoy. Evariste Galois played really well considering they have never practiced once with Owen on drums. We were on after them and a big (ish) crowd of people had formed. We slammed through a 6 song set, splicing a few songs we had not played for a while in there, but all of us could feel that this was a really, really good performance. Everything we did was met with a big applause, so that was satisfying. We stayed to watch Wooderson and they thoroughly blew my face off with - I had never seen them live before - but their mixture of grooving baselines, and crazy guitar lines and weird rhythms, one of the best punk bands in the UK. After Wooderson we had to drive down to Brighton as we had nowhere to stay, but lucky for us James, who was putting us on in Brighton, is so generous that he let us stay at his very luxurious house. Day 4: 15th February - Hector’s House, Brighton 'I am not putting my head through that hole' We had a chance to actually go around Brighton and experience the city as we had all day to waste. James let us loose in the alternative high street. Instead of H and M and Topshop, it was full with independent record, vintage clothes and music shops, - anything a bit weird and unusual and it was there. But by 3 we just ended up on the beach skimming rocks into the sea and running through the arcades on the pier, 4 days and our minds had already started to melt. By the time we got back to James’ house he had made us a huge veggie curry, all five of us stuffed our faces with it. We played with Break The Habit and Kept By Casino. Break The Habit did the pop-punk thing. After playing the show we spent the rest of the night playing on the Wii in James' house and just watched as our minds turned to sludge from tiredness and the insanity of WarioWare. Day 5: 16th February- The Cardigan Arms, Leeds 'Fucking Northerners' We were driving from Brighton to Leeds, Brighton to Leeds something like 280 miles, 6 hours. It was pretty tiring and intense and also taught me how much I hate lorry drivers and everything they stand for. I cheered to myself as more northern city’s appeared on the signs, Leicester, Birmingham, and then Leeds. It was still 89 miles away but it felt good. All of us were looking forward to this show as we were playing with Wooderson again, and after watching them play live a few days ago we just wanted to see them grooving some more. The venue was upstairs but downstairs it was a proper man’s pub - when we first walked in there were builders just getting off work having a pint and there we were standing in our skinny jeans. We even heard “look at the state of them”. On the other hand there was an old drunken Irishman who gave Ev, our guitarist, a good hour of entertainment. The way we played did not go so well, I broke a string in the first song, the snare fell over, guitars cut out, a bass string snapped. Today was not our day. Wooderson, as we expected were, as grooving and fun as on the Sunday. We stayed with Jon Mohaj from Twisted and Facel Vega after playing the show. Day 6: 17th of February- The Green Park Tavern Bath 'Last show, then home' Another mammoth drive today. It took 5 hours and there was a vague air of grief with everyone as we knew the end was coming closer and we would be heading back home after playing tonight. After being enveloped in music for the past 6 days it would be bizarre to go back to normality. Oli (from Bristol) was putting on this show, he had also been at the Cardiff and Bristol shows so he had been to half of all our tour. That is dedication right there. It took a good hour of driving round Bath and a lot of aggression to find the venue. We were met by Oli and a big plate of pasta and chocolate fingers. We played the show like it was our last, every chord strummed harder and stronger, every vocal line pushed further, sweat dripping off everyone and then it was over. We packed up, and drove back across quiet roads back to Wales and back to normality, reminiscing to each other about what we had just accomplished. You can visit the band by going to