On their last visit to the UK, we roped Yeti Lane into providing us with a tour diary, which includes buying a second-hand Jaguar and marvelling at the beautiful Scottish landscape.

Check out the diary below, then make sure you catch them when they return this June.

  • Monday, June 18 - Brighton - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
  • Wednesday, June 20 - Manchester - Kraak
  • Thursday, June 21 - London - The Shacklewell Arms (with Damo Suzuki)
  • Friday, June 22 - Norwich - Arts Centre

After two days of travel and a stop for the night close to London we arrive in Manchester at the BBC 6 Music studio where we'd been invited to play live for Marc Riley's show. That's where the tour began.

The session went well, it was such a pleasure to be allowed to play with the full set-up in a radio studio, and Marc Riley seemed to have done some investigation as he knew some surprising things about us and our families. We suspected Nat from Sonic Cathedral might have given him some information!

The next morning we hit the road for London and the first English gig as support for Diagrams. We had already met them the week before in Brussels. Lovely people. The venue was the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, located in Shoreditch, where we often seem to play when we come to London. There was a band on before us, Younghusband, and we really enjoyed their sound. And of course we also met our friend Nat from our label Sonic Cathedral. He's based in London and a gig there is often the only moment to hang around with him. He DJed the night too and it was the occasion to play his good space rock records!


On Wednesday, it was the second gig at the Cooler in Bristol. We did a quick soundcheck in 20 minutes so we had plenty of time to find a good record store called Rise and even have a drink. The club wasn't too crowded, but we had a lot of fun. I remember this long-haired guy dancing like crazy right through our set. After the show we went to a bar with Diagrams. We talked a lot about music and I noticed that we share the same interest for Spiritualized…

On Thursday, on our way back to Manchester we stopped at a music shop. It sometimes happens… We found this nice secondhand Jaguar for a good price. What is really rare is to buy it… but we did. I just hoped that we would sell a lot of records on the merch table.

So we head back to Manchester to play at the Ruby Lounge. There's even less time for the soundcheck than the day before, just two minutes of a song and that was it. The sound was massive, thanks to the sound guy, so it was a little bit frustrating that we only played for 30 minutes. We spent less time onstage than we spent in the car to find the place we stay because the sat-nav refused to work – one hour for one and a half miles!

On Friday it was Liverpool, and the shortest drive of the tour. We were a little bit early and had plenty of time again, so we visit the two record stores of the city with our special guide Nat who was in town for the weekend with his family. Once the soundcheck was done we went to this amazing pub close to the venue, The Philharmonic. Simply beautiful. Someone told me that John Lennon used to go there, but I'm sure you could say that about every pub in Liverpool. It's the same story in our hometown about Arthur Rimbaud!

A call from the promoter lets us know that the show had to start 30minutes earlier because of a student party after the gig. The room was not so crowded, so we enjoyed the presence of Diagrams, Nat and Clair in the audience. The show done, we ran back to The Philharmonic until closing time.


Saturday and the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. I was really excited about playing there. I've always really liked this venue. There's a nice atmosphere, the sound is really good and the people who run the place are very nice. The show went well, but we were a little bit shy on stage, people were sitting down and that way it's difficult to feel what the audience feel. Diagrams did a good show and, again, the sound was awesome. After a quick chat with everyone we had to leave because the hotel was quite far and the next show was in Glasgow, which is a long drive.


Sunday was the last gig of the tour, at King Tut's in Glasgow. The journey was long but the landscape was really beautiful. We were pretty excited because we had a special name to put on the guestlist – Joe Foster (Television Personalities and Creation Records). We meet Joe and his wife, Tuesday, during the support act and they were lovely. The sound was loud and powerful in the monitor, I hope it was the same in the PA! It was a good show even if we had some issues with the guitar, I hope the audience didn't mind all the tuning. When Diagrams arrived onstage five of them were wearing Yeti Lane T-shirts! We're glad we did this tour together, it was very cool to meet them all. We chatted with Joe and Tuesday until closing time. It was really cool to listen to him telling us all the old stories. I hope we can meet again soon.

The next two days were spent in the car on the long drive back to Paris, but we can't wait to be back in the UK for the next shows in June…