Heard this on the wireless on Friday as I was tucking into me fish supper an I thought gor blimey this ain't bad is it. Drop o wine with me fish too it was good but quick got sozzled didn't I went to bed early me hip achin an readin the paper. But it's about time "the guy from Years & Years", whom I suppose we should call Olly Alexander, lends his quite frankly heart-thumping voice to the production of others. And so he has.

Tourist sets phasers to garage, jostling the beat with crackles and shakers of percussion, occasional bass locking in with the kicks to build robust foundations decorated with rapid-fire cycles of gold light synth, like glowing little fireballs; all on this backdrop of dusty cosmos. Now I know it says "feat. Years & Years" but I dunno I'm pretty sure it's just Olly. And his voice, riding the oft-reverbing beam of light that is Tourist's production, is unique as always in its stand-out lungfuls of feeling hurled at yer ears, especially with the chorus hook / sing-along "Illuminaaaate!" (with extra 'a' so you can tell that he elongates that bit).

Mr. Alexander is the next in a recent but short-ish line of collaborators for Tourist – Will Heard lent his talents to 'I Can't Keep Up' and 'Patterns' features Lianne La Havas. For now, this is a standalone single (out this week on Polydor) but maybe there will be more to come. Listen to it below.

Also, check out the dates for Tourist on the Annie Mac Presents tour.

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