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Perhaps somebody should politely remind Tove Styrke that this crowd are expecting flimsy bubblegum pop, and not a lot else, I find myself concluding, as her extremely slight set draws to a close. By no means a criticism, it is merely an expression of bewilderment at how unexpectedly strong her new material feels, delivered by venomous tongue and fearsome stage presence, which leaves us in little doubt that she is anything but a delicate wallflower, nor the pampered pop princess that was precariously hinted at on her debut four years ago; this time, Tove Styrke has carved out an identity that should cement her longevity.

Hook-laden, yes, but a little one dimensional, past material has been seemingly tossed aside, at least for tonight, and it's all the fresher for it. Leaning heavily on her forthcoming Borderline EP, tonight is an irresistible insight into how astoundingly she has matured. Much like the leather jacket draped across her shoulders, her name stylishly scribbled across its back, Tove Styrke's set channels plenty of offbeat angst, treading a subtle tightrope between oozing, effortless cool and stinging, sneering delivery, admittedly blunted by her sugary vocals, but no less affirming.

Although tricky to pinpoint, 'Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You' is possibly Styrke at her brattiest, dispensing toxic put downs such as "You got a true mad deep big crush on yourself, I hope you hit the ground hard when you fell for yourself," with a wry smile. No matter how viciously she teases, there is always an element of playfulness that keeps her thoroughly likeable, ushering the track into frothy, anthemic territory, as well as swaggering through the bombastic strut of 'Borderline'. Just don't get caught on her wrong side, we'd hasten to add.

As I head for the solace of the tube and, of course, seek out the trusty confines of social media, Twitter is awash with mild indignation at Tove Styrke's omission of previous material. Perhaps these protests are well founded, but there's little doubt that a new, improved chapter has been opened and marginally explored; the sooner we accept that, the easier Tove Styrke will find it to ease into her role as one of Scandinavia's most vital live prospects.