I moved to Los Angeles about eight months ago from the Canada of the Midwest, aka Minneapolis, and even though Minneapolis has a fantastic music scene it was always a bummer falling in love with new UK and European artists but having to wait forever until they do a proper US tour to visit the Twin Cities. Now that I live in Los Angeles, though, that's all done a 180 - fantastic emerging artists like Tove Styrke choose the sunny city of LA to premiere their live shows in, as she's doing tomorrow night at The Echo.

Her spunky brand of Swedish pop won us over in London and she's sure to do the same in the states as well. Below, she's shared an exclusive Los Angeles-inspired playlist, and it's ten tracks of sunshine-drenched jams with artists varying from Lana Del Rey to Foals and John Cane - if you're in a place where the weather isn't as warm, it'll provide some tunes as you daydream of beaches.

She's second in a lineup that's headlined by Parade of Lights and opened by Dark Waves, and you can pick up your tickets here!

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