Photos by Tim Boddy

It is perhaps a sign of the times that a band with only one (albeit sold out more than once) single can headline a tour including a date at the conspicuously hip XOYO. For a band with a, perhaps consciously, entirely Google unfriendly name Toy owe a lot of this to the online community, with everyone from labels to record shops to online magazines singing their praises on the internet. Add this to significant backing from The Horrors (and their surrounding spheres of influence) and even the most fickle of music fans have flocked to support the five piece so wonderfully described as a L'Oreal advert in the making by our photographer Tim at the gig.

Supporting them tonight were Savages, who seemed to have 3 different t-shirts and a tote bag to sell yet suspiciously no music. Their highly 80's influenced goth rock seemed to strike a chord with the already packed XOYO crowd, and their brand of Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus borrowing songs were performed well, helped in no small part by the charisma of frontwoman Jehnny Beth, of Jehn and John fame.

After a brief interlude filled with Toy's very own DJ's selection they took to the stage to demonstrate how such a small and new band could enrapture so many people. Right from the off their layers of sound were built up and chugged along with the ethereal autonomy of sound that seems to possess so many of their songs.

The only problem with this was that XOYO's system struggled to cope with the amount of texture being emitted and the end result sounded muddier than it needed to be. The intent was still there though, and in their slightly simpler songs - such as their new single 'Motoring' - the levels worked perfectly and the performance reached its peak.

Concluding a forty minute set the band left with a quick thank you and their single track 'Left Myself Behind' without an encore (which is no criticism, they've still yet to release their second single). A fairly standard sized set by all accounts, which consistently sounded like an extended Sonic Boom remix compilation.

Undoubtedly the question being asked tonight was weather Toy could hold their own for a headline tour after having only released just over 15 minutes of music. The answer is yes, and they'll leave you wanting more.

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