Last week we reviewed the new Cancer Bats album, Dead Set On Living, and it's fair to say we enjoyed it immensely. Now fresh from their incredible Pentagram Tour (six shows in one day), we got the band to write us a track-by-track guide to the album.

Read our review of the album here.


This song is all about crazy guitar tones kicking off our banger to end all bangers. Sometimes you need to tell those certain people in life to fuck off. We've all been there.

Bricks & Mortar

This songs all about the importance of bros, and how we'd all be dead or way shitty without them. Word.

Road Sick

Tour rules, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it can be a bummer when you miss the ones you love. All road bros and babes know what I'm talking about. This one's for all of us.

Breathe Armageddon

This songs all about how fucked the world is. We should be curing disease and letting the good times roll, instead greedy mother fuckers keep fuckin shit up. Fuck.


This song is all based on conversations with my best friend in the hospital. He's ok now, but it was pretty heavy for a minute.

The Void

This song is all about those introspective times when the pressures on and you're questioning everything. Happens to all of us

Old Blood

This is my posi jam! Sometimes life throws shit at all of us and its those times that you gotta stay focused and just rip through it! Keep on riding and riding until you make it there!

Drunken Physics

This song is all about the wasted, late night conversations I would have with our sound guy. On long night drives he would keep me awake explaining all the physics books he'd been reading. Great tour memories!


This is the battle cry for anyone who's fucked up their life in the name of doing what they've wanted. Not sure why we have to, but touring and playing in bands is the only thing that makes sense to us. Whether you're a lifer from California, a girl from Australia or a Canadian dude, were all drawn into this madness and wouldn't have it any other way.

Rally The Wicked

This is my "fuck all the haters" song. Its a fun thrash song that doesn't take itself too seriously. Basically a funny response to internet shit talk.

New World Alliance

Punk rock metal and hardcore we're all in this together and wherever you go in the world its all like minded outsiders living their lives by their own rules.