COOLRUNNINGS just released their new album, Dracula Is Only The Beginning through LebensStrasse Records, so we decided to get the band to talk us through it. Check out the track-by-track guide below, as well as a full album stream.

1. I wrote most of this in bed at my mom's house. The song is built around a sample from Ayalqem Tèdènqo's Alèmayèhu Eshèté. I always really loved the song and wanted to do a re-work of it.  I remember being really sick when this was recorded and actually lost my voice working on it. This song is really fun to play live, it's a total nerd fest technically how we do it. We've been shying away from relying too much on technology lately and haven't been playing it as much.

2. Forrest wrote and recorded most of this himself, I just added a bassline and mixed it a little bit.  We kinda wrestled on whether or not we were actually going to use the word cunt in the title of a song but ultimately decided "Why the fuck would we censor ourselves?." My grandmother hates it, my mom hates it, so I feel like it has to be a good song.

3. This is probably the most collaborative song on the album. Scott, Forrest and I were just playing with the riffs for an hour or two and decided to record the parts with no real direction. After we recorded the couple of parts we had I just mixed and matched the rest of the song together. I really like this song, the chorus kind of reminds me of Sparks. Another song about trust issues I guess.

4. Forrest and I made the base of the song with just a floor tom / snare and a guitar.  I really wanted the drums to sound robotic but in some weird way it works. There is no bass, just a really harsh synthbass that in theory shouldn't work at all with this kind of song.  I wrote the lyrics for some girl I met thinking it would impress her, but I'm 100% positive that it creeped her out to no end. Don't ever use the word love with some girl you just met and don't ever tell her "Hey, I wrote a song for you…" I went to a party she invited me to and when I was introduced, everybody was like "Oh, you're the guy that wrote the song…"

5. I don't really know what to say about this song aside from the fact that I really like the Phaser on the whole mix at the end. The lyrics don't make any fucking sense.

6. This was a song that Forrest wrote and we re-worked together. It's a weird one. Scott and I worked out a pretty weird drum beat, there is a drum kit, and an extra floor tom and snare throughout the song. This song was an asshole to mix. It took me forever to get the arpeggios at the end to sound right.

7. We get it all the time but come on, it's pretty obviously a rip off of Gary Glitter. This is probably the most perverted song on the album. We added a lot to the version on the new release, it's about a minute or so longer now than it was when the album came out originally in April.

8. This is actually a live recording w/ overdubbed guitars. I can't remember when I made this exactly but I was pretty depressed. I was just thinking about dying, would anybody miss me? Idk.

9. I wrote this song in like 2008 or 2009 when my girlfriend started cheating on me / ruining my life.  She actually stole my debit card and threatened to overdraft my account while I was on tour.  Slept with other people while I was dating her. When I look back, it's insane that I cared so much about her but she was very manipulative. She still tries to contact me for god knows what reason. If you are reading this, eat a dick you fucking bitch.

10. Forrest had the guitar part and I just made a song around it. I honestly just thought this song was too depressing to be on the album but for some reason it didn't sound right without it. I was thinking about a friend I had die, wasn't a musician but I didn't want to relate it too closely to the reality of what I was thinking about. It got me thinking though about musicians dying and leaving behind all of this music with no-one left to connect it with.