Today Eugene McGuinness releases his latest album, The Invitation To The Voyage, and to celebrate we got the man himself to put together a little 'Track-by-Track' guide to read while you give the album a listen.

Have a read below, then head here to read our assessment of the album.


I thought it was quite an obvious opener. The record is mostly set around the city at night. The synths, brass and disco beat, it's a 'get in the car' sort of tune.



It's a pop song, lots of Frankie Valli was being listened too. Pinched some things from 'What's the Difference' by Dr Dre. I wanted the album to be my vision of a modern pop record, this song sums up where I'm at currently.



'Lion' was the first thing we recorded. All these songs were written really quickly, but this one felt like it came out faster than I could sing it. Sort of sounds that way to. I love it.



There's more space on this album than other things I've done, that's a route I want to go down in the future I think. Here I nicked a bit from Neu but the song itself is strange cause there's no real chorus. It's like a hymn.



This was just me dicking around in the studio with that sample. I never thought it would see the light of day. Let alone be a single. But I adore it for that reason, it helped me steer the whole album sonically. 


Concrete Moon

It's a very 'London' song, think i wrote it on new year's day at the piano. I can't really play the piano. When I do, I write things like this.



Like 'Lion', this was written dead fast. There are songs like 'Sister Ray' by Velvet Underground and 'Sweepstakes' by Gorrilaz, that just bend my head. I wanted to take 'Thunderbolt' as far as it could go, until all my ramblings were drowning in the noise.


Invitation To The Voyage

This song and the next one are the 'song' songs. They don't go to outer space, they're more grounded, in my head at least. 'Song' songs are the ones I imagine I'll still sing when I'm older and learned to play the piano. All classy in a smoky lounge.



This was written years ago and I never got round to recording it. Quite Roy Orbison. Get on the middle eight for some drama.


Japanese Cars

This album ends with a car chase. Straight from the off I wanted to make quite a dancey record, but the songwriting is always in what i do and sometimes you just end up inventing mad stories. Like this one.