On March 12th Flash Fiktion release their self-titled debut album (through Split Records) - and to celebrate we got the boys to put together a little track-by-track guide to it. Not only that, but we have the entire album for you to listen to!

Check it all out below, and make sure you catch them at the Barfly on March 19th.

You can read our review of the album here.

Me and Mr E

A tribute to the Korg microsynth which takes centre stage in this drama about a fire in a strip club. The lead vocal has a nightmarish menace to it. Nice gang vocals from all who attended the club - where is she now..........Merely a molten puddle of silicone? Mr E could be a friend of mine. But is he real? Fun fact: this song has 3 key changes in it.

Capsules Of Sun

Kalypso kamp krazinezz from da Fiktion. I'm not In Love vocals meets Crazy In Love hysteria. This was written in tribute to anti depressants hence the rather 'wonderfully bland' drugs mention in the song and the almost calculated bliiisssseedd owwut feeaallll in the breakdown.

The Rapture Of Your Design

Religion or realisation? Man or ghost? Pomped up prog-glam-psychedlia inspired by Tainted (bruv) Love. Probably the most ridiculously OTT kitchen sink moment we could muster from our insane deformed brains. About 78 little fiddly guitar/keyboard/backing vocal parts and endless choir...


This was fun to create. Kitchen sink tropical rhythms and funky bass loops were left to stew whilst we edited the crap out of everything else, giving the rhythm track an obnoxious, confusing yet, infectious groove. A 1983 casio Dg-20 Electric guitar set to electric mandolin inspired the breakdown and the Talking Heads were cited for the verses. I think Angular and Euphoric was the aim.

Artificial Colours

  • FD&C Blue No. 1 – Brilliant Blue FCF, E133 (blue shade)
  • FD&C Blue No. 2 – Indigotine, E132 (indigo shade)
  • FD&C Green No. 3 – Fast Green FCF, E143 (turquoise shade)
  • FD&C Red No. 40 – Allura Red AC, E129 (red shade)
  • FD&C Red No. 3 – Erythrosine, E127 (pink shade, commonly used in glacé cherries)[9]
  • FD&C Yellow No. 5 – Tartrazine, E102 (yellow shade)
  • FD&C Yellow No. 6 – Sunset Yellow FCF, E110 (orange shade)


Conceived and inspired by claustraphobia. We were all living a life of frustration and confine for quite a long time but, were able to coin the raconteurial themes of our album and indeed the very Flash Fiktion ethos from this one electro punk splurge. The Black Sheep of the record but, one we're very proud of introducing ourselves by. Now where's my face-paint at....

Mo' Ping Pong

A collaborative effort created largely during one intensive day long session in our cesspit. Aided by Morrisson's Finest Merlot, we swapped around instruments formed a scuzzy drum loop, chop and dropped guitars and some heavy arabic synth fuzz. Matt's laid back almost off the cuff vocal delivered the tale of a North African nightflight.

Science Of Sleep

Inspired by the Michel Gondry film of the same name. The song consists of a totally invented vocabulary of words that are supposed to evoke the dreamlike state between consciousness and unconciousness. It was the first thing we recorded for the album and so is the oldest of the 11 children.


The wheels on the bus go round and round. But with a little more imagery and a little less pop sensibility. Flash Fiction tales of transit on TFL's finest flying chariot. kinda trippy and kinda dubby whilst kicking out a sixties psych vibe. Definitely as swirly and nauseous as any good drunken bus ride should be. Listener notes: Check out the timpani parts recorded at the Royal Albert Hall by the legendary Sir George Martin.

Nautikal Girl

One of the elder songs on the album. Started it's life as a humble but, glorious demo before becoming a Mermaid Monster. Always loved those haunting harmonies and frenzied guitar heroics mixed with the Baggy beat. Absolute C**t to mix........Labour of Love and self indulgence. Music Geek Trivia places it in a select club alongside Kate Bush's Wurthering Height's. Rare chords - w-w-watch for the c-c-chaanges and try and keep up.

Tomorrow's People

Sci-fi Tropical Punk inspired by the films of Kronenberg. The keyboard/bass riff came first and followed by a 2nd verse gang vocal from the cast of Videodrome. Probably has the most percussion on this song than any of our tracks. The 'Slow down' bridge started life as a country and western shuffle, complete with acoustics, castanets and a spitoon. Yee-ha! Watch this space for alternate version keeping these original sensibilities.....