Tomorrow is the second-ever 'Global Release Date' and it just happens to contain a new release from a group who just might be your new favourite band - Secret Company. Their infectious, upbeat sound that they've perfected on their Saviour EP brings to mind fellow blossoming alt-rock contemporaries Eliza and the Bear and Lisbon, but they have enough of a synth-laden edge to set them apart in all the best ways.

Those are just a few of the reasons why we're beyond thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of that aforementioned EP, which you can check out after the insightful track-by-track that frontman Scott Revell has shared with us. The band have a pair of festival dates coming up as well - one at Kendall Calling, another at Lodestar - and you can find the details for those at the bottom of the page.


James and I (Scott) pretty much nailed all this track in one evening in the shed in his back garden. It felt like we'd been building up to it for a while though. We were playing around with a few ideas for it and then I went in to James's house to get a drink or go to the toilet or something and then when I came back, he pretty much had the beat blaring out and then shit went down from there haha.

Fever Of Love

Fever was the first song on this EP that we wrote. Me and James had been writing for about a year before consciously making a decision on how we wanted to sound; big toms mixed with the electronic atmospherics and guitar driven melodies. That may sound pretty open, but in our heads it was a lot more specific! Dan Smith from the Noisettes mixed it and added some additional production tweaks. The other three tracks had the same treatment by James Yuill.

Burning Through The Night

James and Tim had a brief spell of living in a flat in London together and we were all huddled round jamming in James's room one night and came up with the vibe for this track. This was actually around the same time that the film Drive got released and though I'd only seen the trailers at that point, it definitely sparked the idea of driving at night and that kinda concept seemed to fit really nicely with the music, so lyrically, thats the direction it went.

Holding On

This song was again sparked from us all jamming, this time in our little studio. We explored the dynamics in which we could take the idea with the weird vocal sound kinda leading the way which is why the track has a really full on hit the ceiling sound one second and then down to bare bones the next. Lots of fun to play live!

  • Tour Dates:
  • 30 July - Kendall Calling Festival, Penrith, UK
  • 4 September - Lodestar Festival, Cambridge, UK
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