Isabelle Brown is a teenage singer from Brighton who is blessed with the prodigious talent and voice - although she has by no means rested on her laurels to build a career early in her life. Grifting and self-promoting amidst the fertile Brighton scene, Brown has become someone worthy of your attention, and today is asking those of us who haven't yet caught up 'What U Waiting 4'.

The new single incorporates classic soul stylings with a classic hip-hop twist; skittering drums intersects with funky bass, vinyl scratches alongside wisps of saxophone, but this is all just backdrop to Brown's vocal, which is a powerhouse. The comparisons to the greats like Tina Turner are obvious and can be drawn quickly - but they are not unfounded in this case. She vocally struts amidst the luscious instrumental backdrop, allowing her to glide across delicious choruses, inject her youthful attitude to the verses, and then flutter magnificently when it all drops back in the stirring emotional breaks. At this point the only way you're going to believe the hype is by listening.

Isabelle Brown's new EP 03 is coming out via True Panther/EQT on February 7th (pre-order), which is also the day she's playing her debut London gig (sorry, it's already sold out).

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