ALASKALASKA is a band who have been quickening our pulses over the course of the last year or so, with a string of heady experimental indie-pop singles. It's therefore exciting to report the news that they will be putting out their debut album The Dots on May 3rd via Marathon Artists. They've shared the lead single from the album called 'Moon', which Lucinda Duarte-Holman explains thusly:

“‘Moon’ is an account of the monthly, cyclical ebbs and flows (pun intended) of my emotional and physical well being. It is an insight into my neurosis. ‘Moon’ is about PMS.”

Although the topic seems somewhat gruelling, ALASKALASKA's 'Moon' features the artful swagger and musical guile they've quickly come to be known for, and that ensures that the track slithers and pops beneath the stresses listed by Lucinda. Refracting drums wiggle inside out with flickering synths while she sings about her monthly tummy ache, and we follow this twisting musical path through her mind, observing all the other pressures that are pushing down upon her. Then, when the chorus hits, we get ALASKALASKA's ace in the hole: ribbons of skronking sax and a gear-shift into something undeniably danceable, all of which makes the emotional strains seem more stretched, but at the same time more defeatable - you've just got to give into the band's groove and go with it.

ALASKALASKA's debut album The Dots is out May 3rd, pre-order it here. They've also announced some new tour dates:

14 May | The Green Door Store, Brighton
15 May | Omeara, London
16 May | Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
17 May | Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
19 May | YES, Manchester
20 May | The Hug And Pint, Glasgow
24 Aug | Lost Village Festival, Lincolnshire

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