London trio Peluché recently announced that they'll be putting out their debut album Unforgettable through One Little Indian on September 28th. They've swiftly followed up that news with the release of their dusky new track 'Figure Me Out'.

Speaking about the track, Peluché said: “Figure Me Out was recorded straight to tape in the second take, and it was one of the first recordings we did for the album. Putting it straight to tape also brought out a kind of 70s warmth of the instruments, with the Rhodes, bass guitar and drums driving the song forward with a momentum. We felt like we had discovered a new groove in this song, something that day brought it out of us as we played.”

The new groove they've discovered on 'Figure Me Out' is warm and inviting, luring you in with delicately stroked percussion, gluey organ and playful puffs of bass. The combination creates a psychedelic vista, out of which emanates a voice beseeching you "don't say you don't love me, don't say you don't have time to figure me out." As this central mantra is repeated, it's almost as if the song itself is teasing you, asking you to dip your head in a little further and follow Peluché's patterns, to keep your mind in the frame as the seeming simplicity weaves itself into something beautifully complex - and you find you can't tear yourself away. Listen to 'Figure Me Out' below.

Unforgettable, Peluché's debut album, comes out September 28th - pre-order it now from One Little Indian.