Altopalo are an experimental foursome who have just released their debut single, featuring two tracks 'Blur' and 'Frozen Away'. All four have already worked around New York's music scene for a while; singer Rahm Silverglade has released solo work on Terrible Records and guitarist Mike Haldeman has toured as part of Moses Sumney's band, the rhythm section of Jesse Blelenberg and Dillon Treac have worked in several projects. This all culminates in a very strange and engrossing way in Altopalo, who make modern experimental electronic compositions.

The two songs on the single, 'Blur' and 'Frozen Away', are by no means tentative first steps. They don't offer up plain old verse-chorus-verse, instead inviting listeners to step into their songs and feel their way around. 'Blur' is tactile and prescient, touching on the issues of modern technology, taking you into a room where phone buzzing, machine chirping and static rustling are an essential fulcrum of the bassy track built up around them. Altopalo show ingenuity in their songwriting, building tension through their unusual use of instruments, whether they're wonky synthesizers or close-mic'd guitar plucks. They put them together into a collage-style amalgamation that they somehow pull together into throbbing and emotional alt-pop gems. 'Blur' on the one side is romantic, but with a hesitance and distance that is palpable in the way they've moulded it. 'Frozen Away' seems more playful in its use of unusual sounds, chopped up pianos and samples, but once again lurking beneath the surface is a sucker punch of emotion.

Listen to both tracks below.

Altopalo will be releasing their debut album frozenthere later this year. Follow them on Facebook for news on that.