With last year's Cannonball EP, Annelotte De Graaf showed that she was growing as a songwriter and producer under the moniker Amber Arcades. That seems to have only been a stepping stone on the way to where she is now, with two new songs 'Goodnight Europe' and today's new release 'Simple Song'. She has also announced that the new Amber Arcades album is called European Heartbreak and comes out through Heavenly on 28th September.

'Simple Song' is both an apt title for Amber Arcades' new track, but a diminishing one too. It rumbles along on broad guitars and hovering synth melodies, all the while Amber Arcades singing like a contemplative chanteuse. As our singer's reach peak frustration in the chorus, the guitars fuzz and carry it forth like a heavy and luminous mist, reflecting its creator's feelings.

The new track also comes with a fantastic video directed by Elliott Arndt telling the tale of a cinematic relationship. It's part 2 of a trilogy that De Graaf has created, as she explains: "This music video forms part 2 of a trilogy which tells a modern European (love) story, touching on various thoughts and feelings that inspired my new record. Using the medium of film to tell this story ties it to one of the central ideas of the record, which is the essential nature of storytelling in understanding our lives. For me, part 1 focused very much on a feeling of isolation, being trapped in an external surrounding which feels anxious and numb at the same time. Part 2, the music video for Simple Song, translates these feelings into the dynamics of a romantic relationship.”

Watch the video for 'Simple Song' below, and if you missed 'Goodnight Europe' you can see that beneath.

De Graaf expands on the ideas behind the new Amber Arcades album, which was recorded in LA with Deerhoof's Chris Cohen:

"If it were called American Heartbreak, you wouldn’t bat an eye. Somehow calling it European Heartbreak feels far less comfortable, almost like a statement in itself. I’m Dutch, hence European. The focus of the record is Europe. As for Heartbreak, for mea heartbreak symbolises any kind of falling apart of one of these concepts or stories we invent for ourselves, like romantic love, a sense of identity, nationality, an economic system. It’s kind of a universal thing in my mind.”

You can pre-order European Heartbreak from Heavenly Recordings. She's also going on tour and can be seen at these dates:

June 4 – 7: Beaches Brew Festival, Marina Di Ravenna, Italy
June 6: Le Pop-Up Du Label, Paris, France
June 7: Omeara, London, UK
June 13: Kantine am Bergain, Berlin, Germany
June 14: EKKO, Utrecht, Netherlands
July 21: Bluedot Festival, Macclesfield, UK
August 17: Green Man Festival, Crickhowell, UK
September 7: Festival No. 6, Minffordd, UK