Damon McMahon is a New York based songwriter who has been working under the moniker Amen Dunes, garnering critical acclaim and a wider audience with each subsequent release, particularly on his 2014 album Love, which found him exploring deeper and more resonant emotional depths than ever.

Amen Dunes seems set to dive deeper into this creative cauldron on his upcoming fifth album Freedom, which he has today announced will be coming out on Sacred Bones on March 30th. The album is said to explore McMahon's passage through life and the various arcs of friends, loved ones and acquaintances that have floated through his life and led him to where we find him now. With some electronic flourishes and contributions from the likes of Nick Zinner, this is set to be the fullest sounding Amen Dunes record yet.

The first taste of Freedom is 'Miki Dora', a gorgeously understated ode to the famously rebellious surfer. As McMahon explains:

“Miki Dora was arguably the most gifted and innovative surfer of his generation and the foremost opponent of surfing’s commercialization. He was also a lifelong criminal and retrograde: a true embodiment of the distorted male psyche. He was a living contradiction; both a symbol of free-living and inspiration, and of the false heroics American culture has always celebrated. With lyrics of regret and redemption at the end of one’s youth, the song is about Dora, and McMahon, but ultimately it is a reflection on all manifestations of mythical heroic maleness and its illusions.”

McMahon has channeled all of that into the song 'Miki Dora', showing off his growth both musically, lyrically and as a thinker. The song is a tantalising tease of the many mental alleyways and corners into which we seem set to venture on Freedom. Check out 'Miki Dora' below.

Amen Dunes will be playing a headline show at London's OMEARA on May 2nd, tickets here.

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