The Berlin-based experimental duo Amnesia Scanner, consisting of Finnish-born Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, have announced their debut album Another Life, due out on September 7th on PAN.

The first track to be shared from the album is 'AS A.W.O.L.', a song that is equal parts warped, crunchy and rhythmic. Over the course of their EPs so far, AS have proven to be adept and blending tropes from other genres, and here they've done that to a microscopic degree, fusing snatches of R&B, techno, pop and pure experimentation into a blasting and irrepressible piece. There are vocals in the mix of 'AS A.W.O.L.', mangled emotions contesting with the gnashing machinations of the gritty world AS have created. Each of the elements in this pulsating track are sharp-edged and perfectly calibrated to create a monstrous and magnetic whole, showing that Amnesia Scanner have further developed their idiosyncratic production chops for their debut full length.

The new track also comes with a video directed by PWR; check it out below.