There's nothing wrong with a little fun. True, it doesn’t hurt when Dr. Dre mixes your single and Kendrick Lamar pops by, but if nothing else, Anderson .Paak knows fun. The man has essentially been waiting for this moment since he graced, and greatly benefited, Dr. Dre's Compton.

True, Malibu and his work with NxWorries may have brought .Paak further acclaim and followers (not to mention stuffing his catalogue with some seriously killer tunes), but it's his debut with the man who gave him his shot that has always loomed omnipresent; his grand statement with Aftermath Entertainment.

In speaking of his (and Dre's) work on Oxnard with Zane Lowe, it's no mistake .Paak invoked The Game's Documentary: a latter day Aftermath classic. By all accounts, Dre put in the work, too: "It’s not like I did the album and he was like 'alright cool - this dude was invested. I’m talking about nights, weeks, he was mixing, mastering, producing, writing, making the music he wanted to do and putting everything into it."

Finally given his moment to shine, .Paak opens with a chart-seeking salvo, 'Tints' is all Cali groove and vibing, with even Kendrick mostly settling in for a casual romp. It's certainly not a surprising offering from the singer, single-mindedly efficient in boiling down the nature of an Anderson .Paak smash for new listeners, but it's also guaranteed to make you crack a smile any time of the day.

One may hope (and safely assume) that .Paak has more in store than the familiar for his big Aftermath moment, but as far as teases go, 'Tints' is divine. Let the sun in a little bit.

Listen below and look out for Oxnard soon.