Anderson .Paak had an all-conquering 2016, releasing two wildly popular albums in Malibu and Yes Lawd!, not to mention features on just about every big rap album that year. While he hasn't been silent in the interim, there has been a little bit of abating in the storm, until he released ''Til It's Over' back in March, and today follows it up with the vaudevillian 'Bubblin'.

With a title like 'Bubblin' you'd expect this to be a flagrant party tune, but .Paak makes the central persona into a more heinous character, obsessed with his wealth, material possessions and appearance. Through deeply throbbing bass thwacks and melodramatic violin and clarinet loops, building up a plush and showy beat (created by Jahlil Beats and Antman Wonder) .Paak inhabits this shallow and braggadocios character with a skeezy and slick flow, jacking himself up with all sorts of materialistic claims, blowing up his ego to match the lavish beats provided. It shows something of a different side to .Paak, who kept things humble and personal on Malibu, and downright sexy on Yes Lawd!, but this shows that he has several other states of creativity to access on whatever he's got up his sleeve next.

The video for 'Bubblin' takes this character on a slightly more humorous level, with him being chased around by a cash machine wherever he goes. The clip also features Paak's son Soul.

In speaking to Zane Lowe about the track and the future, Anderson claimed he has thousands of tracks in the vault, none with features, and he should be unleashing them on us soon. Stay tuned.