Angelo De Augustine is a Los Angeles singer songwriter who may have caught your attention with his 2017 album Swim Inside The Moon, a haunting record captured on reel-to-reel tape. He's today announced that he'll be returning with a new album on Asthmatic Kitty on January 18th called Tomb. It will be his first music recorded in a proper studio, where he worked alongside veteran producer Doveman.

The pristine level of recording has only served to heighten the potency of Angelo De Augustine's music, as evidenced by the new song shared today called 'Time'. In the verses he whisper-sings to someone through their pain, and ensconced in featherlight piano and mellotron, his angelic voice lifts the spirits from bereft to hopeful with indefinable grace. It's a stunning feat that turns a seemingly sad song completely inside out, rising from whispers to whistling in a gorgeous trajectory. 'Time' is all-encompassing in its view of the past and future, happiness and sadness, hearts swelling and hearts breaking - all tied together by De Augustine's voracious soul and voice.

This combination of light and dark is something he seems set to do throughout Tomb, which, despite its morbid-seeming title, he describes by saying “This album is at its core a prayer for hope and clarity, and a prayer for love.”

Alongside the studio version of 'Time', Angelo has also shared a live-in-studio version of him singing along with Sufjan Stevens at a grand piano. Needless to say, the results are spine-tingling. Check out both versions of 'Time' below.

Angelo De Augustine's Tomb will be out on January 18th through Asthmatic Kitty. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.