British producer and experimental artist Anna Meredith is no stranger to trying new things, but her next move is sure to still come as a surprise to many. She has been working with the Scottish Ensemble to create a reimagining of Vivaldi's classic The Four Seasons. It has already been aired as a 360 degree art exhibition, but will see release as an album called Anno on August 17th through Moshi Moshi.

The idea of interspersing unchanged moments from The Four Seasons with entirely original techno compositions from Meredith sounds like a bit of a clusterfuck on paper, but just listening to the two released tracks, 'Low Light' and 'Ice', will ensure you that this is anything but. Both of these tracks are taken from the 'Winter' segment of the album, and Meredith starts off the couplet with 'Low Light', a delicately plucked piece that perfectly captures the image of its title, a smooth greyness with a resilient white light shining out beneath. This builds with several intertwining string instruments and a steady pulse, until Meredith's trademark warped synth organ starts to jumble the pieces around a bit, almost as if the sound has grown arms and starts to juggle the various elements. This is only short lived before the sunlight dips below the horizon and Meredith casts the song into a gorgeously gloomy and stuttering outro. The momentum is then picked up again when The Scottish Ensemble charge head first into the next movement, 'Ice', which is perfectly sharp and frosty.

You can hear the couplet of 'Low Light' into 'Ice' below.

The project will be going on tour, so you will get the chance to fully immerse yourself in the audio visual experience if you choose - tickets are here. Pre-order Anno here.