Art-pop collecitve Arc Iris recently announced that they'll be releasing a new album called Icon Of Ego on October 12th, and today they've shared the boisterous second single 'Turn It Up', an anthem of female encouragement, as singer Jocie Adams explains:

"As a woman, we are constantly asked to look pretty, behave, and be quiet. I was lucky to have the support and the innate rebellious nature to ignore these cues, but I see women getting lost below a facade of what they believe they should be all of the time. When that facade goes up, it may initially protect the ego, but in time the interior breaks while the exterior stays calm. These expectations are unfair and place a very low glass ceiling above our heads. I want to hear you. Turn it up."

'Turn It Up' arrives with intent on beds of reverbed guitars, opening up a charged space which you know will soon be filled by courageous musicianship. Adams' sweet but serious voice is soon backed by bustling and booming percussion, adding extra muscle to her message, while the sublime string interjections accentuate the sophistication of the track. Arc Iris take the song through constant ascent, as Adams lays out her thoughts and feelings, and in conjunction Arc Iris take 'Turn It Up' into fantastical realms where bold and forward-thinking ideas are meshed to wonderful pop structures. Listen below.

Arc Iris' Icon Of Ego comes out October 12th on Ba Da Bing and can be pre-ordered here. Check out previous single '$GNMS'.