Malena Zavala is a rising figure experimental pop scene, driven by her Argentinian roots and creative family. Malena has been moving around locations for a while now, most notably in her brother's house in Aliso Viejo, California where she recorded her album. However, she still holds her origins close to her heart, and they come rising beautifully to the surface in her music, as we've seen in her debut singles 'Should I Try' and 'If It Goes' (about her mother). She is set to expand upon these themes in her debut album Aliso, arriving on April 13th.

As a signifier of the ambitions of Aliso, Malena Zavala has released the five-minute musing single 'A Vision That's Changed'. It's a song that ambles and flutters delicately to begin with, as Malena considers time's passing and its effect on her memories and the relationships that are tied so closely to them, how they are subtly but unalterably changed each time you see that person or relive that memory again. 'A Vision That's Changed' is slight and shimmering, much like a memory that could slip out of sight or out of grasp if you get too close or lose concentration for just a second. Thankfully Malena's quivering vocal holds tight to your heart and guides you through this beautiful haze, into a resounding instrumental conclusion that shows an artist spreading her wings for flight.

Commenting on the thoughts involved in 'A Vision That's Change', Malena says: "Memories stay the same but people don't, so what if that person came back to me. Would they even be the same? I don't think so, so it's about letting go."

Listen to 'A Vision That's Changed' below.

Malena Zavala's debut album Aliso comes out through Yucatan Records and can be pre-ordered here. She will also be playing a headline show in London on May 9th at Bermondsey Social Club to celebrate the album's release; tickets here.