ARP is the moniker used by New York-based DJ, producer and artist Alexis Georgopoulos. He has been a very active figure in the city's art scene for a while, with releases on labels like RVNG and Beats In Space, as well as exhibitions in local galleries. This week he has announced that he'll be releasing a new album called Zebra on June 22nd, and it'll be his first for Mexican Summer.

The lead single for Zebra is 'Fluorescences', a song that immediately places you in a world of gorgeously produced layers of electronic and analogue instruments, with alluring rhythms blending perfectly with serene synthesizer washes and playful melodies. Over the course of the song's six minutes, Georgopoulos adds and retracts layers of intstruments; a little splash of synth bass to give it some bounce, which cuts away to an acoustic guitar to allow the sunshine into this little bubble of bliss. As it tumbles forth, it seems more colours and shapes materialise and blossom in the atmosphere, but the space is never crowded, just perfectly attuned and built up to create a marvellous, experiential piece.

Speaking about 'Fluorescences', Georgopolis told Noisey; "We’d learned some alternate tunings that Joni Mitchell had used on 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns' and 'Hejira' and something just… clicked. Some strange, unknown doorway just opened. I just felt a new possibility and a clear direction. I went home and sketched out almost the entire album in the next 48 hours. It just all came flooding out.”

Zebra comes out on June 22nd and can be pre-ordered here.