Bad Breeding is back with their volatile brand of hardcore with the announcement of a new album and an incinerating new single that seizes the soul of those who listen.

An absolutely maddening display of noise rock, merely sitting through ‘Exiled’ would make anyone sweat buckets, as it discharges a unique viciousness that in certain moments, is inexplicable. Within this foreboding atmosphere, which finds the perfect (or imperfect) balance between feeling as if it were birthed from a ritual in a basement and one conceived in a cathedral, pulverizing percussion and hazardly-wielded guitars cross-breed for a sound that is most brazen and at times—neurotic.

While the title track to their forthcoming album is an astonishing yet terrifying surge of chaos, it is also one of deepened rage influenced by the band’s fury over the growing divide between the haves and the corporate have-not’s. It’s not the most original material to traverse, but Bad Breeding is a collective that feels genuine empathy for the disadvantaged majority, but animosity toward the calloused elite:

“It’s not radical to live with dignity. It’s not radical for people to be able to feed, house and clothe themselves. But in this country that is a right extended to fewer people by the day,” the band insists in a press release. “The chance for genuine human flourishing, for a good and fulfilling life in concert with your community, is an ever more remote possibility to millions crushed under the pressure of their postcode.”

Stream ‘Exiled’ above, preorder their new album and follow Bad Breeding on their Facebook and Bandcamp.

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