A few weeks ago we brought you 'The Painter', an extremely spare but equally promising debut single from Haslemere-based songwriter Bad News Club, who had been snapped up by paradYse Records to release his music. Bad News Club has now furthered his promise with the release of another new song, 'Absent'.

Whereas 'The Painter' was recorded in one take on acoustic guitar straight into his iPhone, 'Absent' is a more studied affair, as he explains: “Absent was written after a trip away from home, as an ode to the items I had left behind. Where ‘The Painter’ was recorded in one-take on my iPhone to capture what I was feeling at that exact time, this song was more complex in both its recording process and the emotions involved. I played and recorded everything over a couple of weeks, and finally everything started to make sense.”

Despite the inclusion of violins and drums on 'Absent', the sense of communion between performer and listener is still just as strong. It finds him singing in hushed double-tracked vocals about leaving a place with a heavy heart, signalling the end of a moment in time. In the song Bad News Club takes stock of all the things he's leaving behind, and the potential memories that they could have made - had he had more time to spend in this place. With the brushed drums and the subtle violin moan underscoring his high and lonesome singing, 'Absence' is a song filled with the chill of winter, as the now moves into memory and he steps out into the cold to move on to the next portion of existence. It's a feeling that we've all experienced, seemingly simple on the surface, but can be dug down into deeper than you would have expected - and that's exactly what Bad News Club manages to exhume on this delicate whirlwind of a song.

Listen to 'Absence' below.

Bad News Club will be playing at London's Servant Jazz Quarters tomorrow night - tickets here.