NYC-based collective Barrie recently announced the release of their debut album Happy To Be Here for May 3rd, and have today released another track from it called 'Darjeeling'. Not all of the members of the quintet hail from New York originally, but they found each other there. 'Darjeeling' speaks of the idiosyncrasies of the magical city by telling the story of Barry Lindsay's early days there:

"The opening line of the song – "the city towed my car the first night I got in" – is true; my car got towed when I first moved to New York. The first night I hung out with Spurge and Noah, we went to this warehouse party in Bushwick on the train tracks, which was totally new to me. My car was in Manhattan, and when I went back to find it at 3 am it was gone. So I walked along the West Side highway to the impound lot. At 4 am it was this eerie wasteland of abandoned cars. It was in the honeymoon phase of moving to New York and I remember feeling very happy and surreal in the tow lot. I’ve had a lot of experiences like that in the city, and I think I had that feeling in mind with this song — it’s kind of a collection of those vignettes."

When envisioning the fabled city, you often think of bustle, traffic and noise, but Barrie's music transcends these by offering a vibrant and dream-like view of their home. The usual polychromatic and multi-textural sounds are intact on 'Darjeeling', with the feeling of excitement practically embedded into its very DNA. Even though it starts with the downer of Barrie having her car stolen, it's immediately quashed by the infinite possibilities that a metropolitan has to offer, and these are expounded upon in 'Darjeeling' both lyrically and musically. Anyone who has moved to a large city and discovered whole new depths to life will immediately connect with 'Darjeeling', and will know well that feeling of the city singing to you when Barrie launch the simple one-word order: "stay."

The video for 'Darjeeling' pays tribute to one of their favourite directors (and one who has honoured New York in many of his films) Wes Anderson. Check it out below.

Barrie's Happy To Be Here is out on May 3rd and can be pre-ordered here. They'll be touring Europe around that time too:

Apr 24 – Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade Bristol
Apr 26 – London, UK @ Moth Club
Apr 28 – Manchester, UK @ YES
Apr 29 – Paris, FR @ Le Pop-Up du Label
May 01 – Copenhagen, DK @ Ideal Bar
May 02 – Gothenburg, SE @ Oceanen
May 03 – Oslo, NO @ Jaeger
May 04 – Stockholm, SE @ Sodra Bar
May 06 – Hamburg, DE @ Mojo Jazz Cafe
May 07 – Berlin, DE @ Kantine am Berghain
May 10 – Bloomington, IN @ Granfalloon Festival
May 11 – Columbus, OH @ Flyover Fest

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