Natasha Khan recently announced that her Bat For Lashes project will be returning with a fifth album called Lost Girls on September 6th. Today she has shared a new single from the album called 'The Hunger', which also comes with a sweeping self-directed video.

As often with Bat For Lashes, the songs on Lost Girls have a dramatic storytelling underpinning, this time following a fictional character called Nikki Pink and her rise to be Head Priestess of the Lost Girls. 'The Hunger' takes us to a moment where she's standing up in front of her followers and telling them that she wants "to feel the hunger inside." Musically, 'The Hunger' maintains the epicness of her Kate Bush-indebted work, heavy on the synths and her lofty vocals, but with a tribal and slightly bloodthirsty undercurrent. The result is undoubtedly enlivening, and even arousing, as we feel the power she possesses in her body, and how she transmits it out and shares it with the other Lost Girls through her music and voice.

The video for 'The Hunger' was directed by Khan herself, bringing the Lost Girls to life.

Bat For Lashes' new album Lost Girls is out September 6th on AWAL.

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