Bayonne, the musical project of Austin-based Roger Sellers, has returned with news of a new album called Drastic Measures, due out through City Slang on February 22nd. With an album title like that, we can hope for some extreme emotions on show, and that's what we have in lead single 'Uncertainly Deranged'.

Speaking on 'Uncertainly Deranged', Sellers says "As the title suggests, it's about uncertainty with one's own mind, the angst of creative pressure, and self-denial. It's basically a conversation with myself during a period of heavy touring. Stylistically, I was looking to do something a bit more upbeat. I wanted momentum and good tempo to drive it. Once the beat and instrumentation were set, the melody and lyrics came very naturally.”

He's certainly achieved an upbeat sound, tropical even, in it's far-reaching and bright production; lively handclaps, resounding major chord piano interjections, expansive guitars and several other fun-filled sounds all glistening together into a sunny whole. All of this belies the contemplation going on in Bayonne's lyrics, where he is wrestling with his thoughts in a less-than-content battle, but the stresses are diffused when set along beautifully with the musical surroundings. When he comes to singing the title, admitting that he's feeling 'Uncertainly Deranged', he sounds almost blissful in the confession. 'Uncertainly Deranged' is an interesting balance of concerned and carefree that mirrors the way many of us try to make it through our days, set to an undeniably festive soundtrack.

Bayonne's Drastic Measures comes out February 22nd on City Slang. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.