Teen Creeps are trio of young men hailing from Ghent, Belgium, with a deep-running love for DIY and alternative/punk music (as might be obvious from their No Age-referencing band name). In an EP and single released so far, they have shown they have the rock chops to pull off thrilling punk without overcomplicating things.

Today sees the release of their new single 'Sidenote', and the announcement of their debut album Birthmarks, arriving on April 6th via PIAS. 'Sidenote' is just under 4 minutes of breakneck pop punk, slashing ever forward on sharpened guitars, machine gun percussion and flaming emotion from singer Bert Vliegen, as he tries to breakthrough to somebody that he cares about but gets nowhere. The meeting of the sonic determination with the lyrical frustration keeps the song gassed up and hurtling towards its eventual running aground.

Vliegen says of the song: “It’s about not fully committing to someone and getting nowhere because of it. Feeling something but holding it off because you don’t want to get hurt again. When I wrote the words I had just come out of a relationship and wasn’t ready yet for a new one. I met someone but things went sideways because of this.”

'Sidenote' comes accompanied by a video of their friend Jules Jordan throwing himself about energetically and lip-syncing with the song's taut rock'n'roll until he's visibly sweating. It's a perfect visual accompaniment to this thrilling song. Watch and listen below.

Teen Creeps' debut album Birthmarks will come out through PIAS on April 6th. For now you can follow them on Facebook.