If there’s something to be known about Alexander Geist by now, it is to expect the unexpected. The British performance artist is back at it again, now shifting sounds and direction into more experimental territories and detaching himself from the new-wave 80s pop glamour that has been a common ground for his previous work. The choice is deliberate and a test of his creative limits - them being, quite frankly, limitless.

On the genre choice and change, Alexander Geist says “I’ve moved through disco, new wave, gabber and seem to have arrived in a territory which is almost minimal contemporary classical music. This isn’t an accident. I wanted to see how far away from pop and the sound of “Bad Language” I could get, how far I can push the envelope before it turns to dust. I don’t think it’s a reflection of my personal life though, no, of my interests, yes, but really it’s a conceptual flourish rather than a cathartic moment.”

Recorded in Costa Rica, and drawing inspiration and influences from the teachings of Laurie Anderson and the idiosyncratic compositions of Paul Lansky, ‘Any Instant Whatsoever’, featuring Portuguese performance artist Fábio M. Silva on camera, is an interesting attempt of non-conformity and dissection, conveying a narrative of fandom and queer dynamics.

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