London-based alt-pop/R&B artist Biig Piig has recently signed to RCA, a massive boost for the still just 21 year old. With only 2 EPs released so far, it could be seen as a gamble for the major label, but her new track 'Sunny' immediately tells us why they believe she has what they're looking for.

In the last couple of weeks we've been blessed with plenty of sun, and we're reminded that the Great British Summer Time is indeed something to savour. Biig Piig's newest cut does exactly that, managing to capture the lackadaisical, half-dazed mood that a heatwave forces us to maintain. It's something we've heard her do wonderfully before, but 'Sunny' is more upbeat and sophisticated, with tropical percussion propping up a light veil of grooving bass and guitar. Her vocal comes across like a beautiful breeze playing across your bare skin, relaxed and refreshing. She sings of romance, which always seems to be in the air at this time of year; "love is testing, when it's true." Regardless of the weight of that thought, it passes through your mind as a perfect pearl of wisdom, and then is blown away in the care free atmosphere of the track, leaving you to lay back into the track's soothing undercurrent.

Biig Piig is expected to release the third instalment of her EP trilogy soon, following up Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol.1 and A World Without Snooze, Vol. 2, so keep your eyes on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She's announced these live dates:

October 14 || Brussels || Botanique Rotonde
October 15 || Amsterdam || Paradiso
October 16 || Berlin || Berghain Kantine
October 17 || Paris || Pop Up!
October 24 || London || EartH
October 25 || Dublin || Whelan’s

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